Monday, 7 June 2010

Packaging Interview questions - 1: MP's

1. Briefly explain about your process.
2. What is Dual Run?
3. What tool u r using right now?
4. What is best practices for Quality and as well Microsoft
5. What is difference b/w Publishing and advertised shortcut?
6. What is the difference b/w selfheal and repair?
7. What is /FA?
8. What is schema in wise?
9. What is the use of MSIFile Hash table?(Scenario: suppose MSI has 400 files, but in the MSiFileHash table 50 entries, explain why?)
10. Did u package IE? Adobe applications? What is outcome if do that either MSI/MSP/MST?
11. What is the difference b/w Alluser=1 ,2,0?
12. What is Upgrade? What is the difference b/w Product code and Package code?
13. There two features A and B. there is component C which is having shortcut that under B Feature. When we install the application shortcut is not installing. How will you troubleshoot?
14. What is Lockdown Environment?
15. What is the difference b/w Service and executable service?
16. If you add the advertised shortcut what tables will be effected?
17. What is secure custom properties? Example
18. What is Restricted Public properties? Example
19. Short cuts should not get installed but how will you findout whether its having Advertising shortcut or not?
20. What is patch? How will u implement that?
21. What is Response Transform? How can u create the Response Transform.
22. What is Multithread model ?
23. Explain about the deffered ?
24. What is Windows file protection?
25. What is Dll Hell?
26. What is component Isolation?
27. Do u know about ACT?
28. Why selfreg table should be empty?
29. Signature table.
30. Can we set keypath for ini file?

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