Friday, 29 April 2011

SCCM : Steps to find cause of MSI Error 1603

Deployment of the application on client domain  failing with Error 1603. 
Application: Vendor MSI (Repackaged)
SCCM Reports doesn’t provide details for the cause of the Error, Here are the steps I have taken to identify cause of the Error 1603
Scenario 1:
Step 1 :
Run the Package on the user machine enabling verbose log.
msiexec.exe /i "<Application name>.msi" /l*v C:\<Logfile name>.log /qb
This step will create the verbose log in “C:\ “
Step 2 :
Open the Log file (I user SMS Trace to read log files) and search for error code value "return value 3" you will find the reason for the failure
In my case client application was having dependency on .net 2.0 or latest. Once dependent application installed Client application deployment went successfully.
Scenario 2:
I’m working on another application “Adobe Flash Player” will update solution as soon I finish the work.