Monday, 24 September 2012

Post Setup Configuration tasks for SCCM2012

Configure Active Directory Discovery for Computers, Users, or Groups
Use the information in the following sections to configure discovery of computers, users, or groups, by using one of the following discovery methods:
Step-1 : Verify HeartBeat discovery
1.Select |  \Administration\Overview\Hierarchy Configuration\Discovery Methods
2.”Enable Heartbeat Discovery” is check marked
Step-2 : Active Directory System Discovery
1.GOTO > \Administration\Overview\Hierarchy Configuration\Discovery Methods
And Select “Active Directory System Discovery” , Right Click Properties or On the Home tab, in the Properties group, click Properties
2. On the General tab, select the check box to enable discovery, or you can configure discovery now, and then return to enable discovery later.
Click the New icon New Icon to specify a new Active Directory container
3.Browse the path to select specify the account to use as the Active Directory Discovery Account.
4.Click OK | OK  to save.
5.On the Polling Schedule tab, configure both the full discovery polling schedule and delta discovery.
6.Click Ok to Finish

Step-3 : Configuring Sites to Publish to Active Directory Domain Services
To configure Active Directory forests for publishing:
1.Select  |    \Administration\Overview\Hierarchy Configuration\Active Directory Forests
click Properties to open the Discovered forest properties.
2. On the General tab, complete configurations for the forest that you want to discover and specify the Active Directory Forest Account.
3.on the Publishing tab, complete configurations for publishing to this forest
3. Click OK to save changes.
To enable a Configuration Manager site to publish site information to Active Directory forest

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